An analysis of the concept of the video game star wars the old republic

The Star Wars mythos is also the basis of many toys and games of varying types. The films and novels employ common science-fiction motifs. Whereas Gene Roddenberry's Star Treka science fantasy franchise that has enjoyed long-lasting popularity in American popular cultureis portrayed by its makers to appear as a rational and progressive approach to storytelling, Star Wars has a strong mythic quality alongside its political and scientific elements. College literature professors have remarked that the Star Wars saga, with its struggle between good and evil, democracy and empirecan be considered a national epic for the United States.

An analysis of the concept of the video game star wars the old republic

Korriban once again houses the tombs of the Sith Lords, although the only one available to explore is the Tomb of Ludo Kressh, which is not even available to explore in the first game.

It doubles as a Journey to the Center of the Mindas the Exile relives their war experiences and current issues in exploring the tomb. And There Was Much Rejoicing: Other droids find him unpleasantly bossy and remark that he should take a break, permanently. If you kill him, the other droids will thank you.

The Force Speed ability normally only benefits the individual, but when using it outside of combat just to get around more quickly, your companions will also run faster so they won't get left behind. Compared to the first game, you can apply medpacks on your party members.

Containers display the word "Empty" next to their name after you searched them. This makes it easier to loot without having to double-check. You can switch between two sets of weapons rather than going to the equipment screen.

Regenerating Health kicks-in outside of combat, although at a very slow rate. It's very helpful early on, when you're without proper equipment and healing Force powers.

An analysis of the concept of the video game star wars the old republic

It becomes obsolete later in the game however. Your inventory screen can be filtered accordingly to the items' category, making navigating easier. Some planets have "instant travel" units in the form of a NPC or a computer terminal.

Interacting with them will give you the option to instantly travel to another area, sparing you the shore of running from point A to point B which take a huge amount of time. Kreia, who, depending on interpretation, wanted to free the galaxy from the tyranny of the Force or to rebuild the Jedi Order without the baggage of the past.

Revan is also characterized like this in this game: Kreia presents the idea that it was in fact a Genghis Gambit by Revan. He fought the Mandalorians because the Jedi would not, then turned to the dark side to control the Star Forge and turn on the Republic so that they would be ready to face future threats when they came.

The holo-logs found scattered throughout the Peragus colony and the Harbinger, which detail the events leading up to the apparent extermination of all life in both areas. You'll hear 'echo' and 'wound' everywhere you go, from people who would have never met and have no other point of connection Exile, hunger, pain, betrayal, and awaken also come up frequently.

Possibly a Justified Tropegiven how the Exile's powers work — you may well be manipulating others through the Force on some level, without even meaning to, such that those around unconsciously mirror the Exile's own memories and thoughts back at you.

Later, one particularly memorable vision on Korriban gives us " Apathy is death ," a strong contender for the Arc Words for the entire game but strongly associated with Kreia, since it is at the very core of her teachings.

Even refusing to take action and make a choice is itself a choice, and every choice has consequences far beyond the immediate effect. Various other cast members have their own arc words as well: Bao-Dur- "Your command echoes still, General.

And I obey, as I did at Malachor. All of that still doesn't necessarily mean the decision was wrong. The Handmaiden- " I honor the face of my mother. While never explicitly confirmed in-game, that Jedi is heavily implied to be Arren Kae, who in turn is very likely Kreia herself.

Visas- " My life for yours " and "As my feet walk the ashes of Katarr, I shall not fear, for in fear lies death Mira- " I'm good at finding people. Hanharr- " You shall always be prey.

And meanwhile, the last of the Jedi is anything but. Atris believes she alone remains true to the Jedi Code, even as other Jedi still live And if you've completed your companion's arcs, you've found that you are not the last of the Jedi, but rather they are the next generation, those who were lost and forgotten during the wars.

They're pretty full of themselves and have no qualms about insulting Handmaiden in front of strangers. Ajunta Pall's sword is mentioned, though it doesn't appear.

An analysis of the concept of the video game star wars the old republic

The Sith Holocrons that Atris is keeping in her meditation chamber. What a great idea that was. NPCs will walk around randomly, back and forth and back and forth, in both games. Your party members have a nasty habit of disregarding your orders and always go after your target.

While ganging up on a single opponent is a viable tactic, it's not always in this case.Oct 21,  · Advanced Analysis is a level 55 Relics of the Gree event mission. It is obtained on Ilum by interacting with the mission terminal at Imperial Firebase 3 in the Western Ice Shelf.

Contents. Star Wars: The Old Republic is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) based in the Star Wars universe. Developed by BioWare Austin and a supplemental team at BioWare Edmonton, the game was .

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights Of The Eternal Throne – Legacy Launch Trailer In Knights of the Eternal Throne, experience taking command as the ultimate ruler of the galaxy for the first time ever in a STAR WARS game.

Star Wars: The Old Republic at Celebration V and Comic-Con July 4, July 4, Soeren Kamper event, News A few days ago, we asked Sean Dahlberg if Bioware will show up at Celebration V convention next month in Orlando. Aug 04,  · I've been playing through the old republic for a while now and have created several characters for the game.

Currently I have one Light, Dark, and Neutral character for every origin. Star Wars: The Old Republic was a massive MMORPG launch back in The game is often called one of the last great MMOs to come out of that era.

Star Wars: The Old Republic | Media: Screenshots, Wallpapers, Videos, Concept Art, and more. They seek power and authority over all others and will even experiment in forbidden powers to achieve their goals.

It was steeped in Bioware storytelling with huge plotlines to follow. Factions between the Sith and the Republic, along with Light and Dark side Force choices made for your character/10().

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