An analysis of the movie batman begins

Having witnessed the death of his millionaire parents, young Wayne travels to the East after fate diminished his only chance of revenge. There, he seeks counsel of the leader of an honorable ninja cult, Ra's Al-Ghul. Years later, he returns to Gotham to find it full of crime. With his company at stake, he turns to the cave under his mansion and becomes Batman, a shadow that strikes fear into the hearts of criminals.

An analysis of the movie batman begins

Bruce Wayne, orphaned at eight, wants to overcome his fears and honor his father. This turns out to be rather more complicated than he suspects it will be. Batman Begins presents a radically new vision for the movies, anyway — this stuff had been around the comics and the animated series for many years beforehand of the Batman story, grounds it in a startling new sense of reality, presents not just a caped crusader and a wacky new villain but a whole wealth of good guys and bad guys, all following their stars in increasingly complex and interconnected ways, all of it bound together with the one fantastic conceit of a young billionaire who dresses up like a bat.

Mob boss Falcone working with spooky young Dr. Jonathan Crane to bring some kind of scary new drug into Gotham City. Batman appears and halts the last shipment of the mysterious new drug, puts Falcone in jail and gives Rachel the evidence she needs to proceed with an effective prosecution as Falcone is, literally, more powerful than the Gotham Police Department.

The theft of the big-deal whatsit causes Fox to inadvertently embarrass Earle, which causes Earle to fire him. The race to the Batcave becomes a police pursuit, which puts Batman at odds with the GCPD after he demolishes several buildings and puts the lives of dozens of police officers at risk.

Further, the flower that figured prominently in Act I is the source of the toxin that drives the bad-guy plot. Within the climax, Rachel faces down her mini- villain Zsaz, and in the denouement Fox gets the best of Earle.

Apparently, having settled his father issues, Bruce is ready to become his own man. Here, they replay the scene from Forever where the young Bruce Wayne falls in a well and is attacked by bats.

Instead of the plunge into the well proceeding from his grief, it comes from a youthful flirtation with the crucial character Rachel. In the scene, Bruce wants something cool Rachel has an arrowheadand playfully snatches it from her, before falling into the well and into his cave.

Talia and Catwoman — now that would sell tickets! Ducard tempts Bruce to come to his dojo and instructs him to bring the blue flower, then, once Bruce gets there Ducard asks him what he wants from his training.

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If any geeks out there know whether or not this idea dates to Begins or shows up earlier in the comics I would be in your debt.

Oh the tangled web.

An analysis of the movie batman begins

Falcone, ironically, is the one who awakens Bruce to the broader criminal picture in Gotham, and sets him on his path to China. So Ducard gives Bruce the idea of becoming a legend and Falcone gives him the idea of his place in the world of society. They help create the hero who will destroy them.

One of the things I like about the Nolan Batman is that he feels pain. Falcone gives Bruce fatherly advice in the form of a threat, but Ducard is a more genuinely father-like figure — a teacher and mentor, a guide. Could Batman actually destroy the same parking garage twice?

And does he have two police chases on the same stretch of sunken roadway?Dec 29,  · Well, here we have Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, the film that started the next Batman franchise.

Unlike the franchise before it, this one ended up belonging entirely to a single director in Nolan, who made a name for himself with his brand of cerebral. Jun 15,  · Directed by Christopher Nolan. With Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Ken Watanabe, Liam Neeson.

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The film was started with Val Kilmer replacing Keaton as Batman, and released in in the name Batman Forever (titled so, since it was the first movie that didn't have the onscreen killing of Batman). Batman Begins Inciting Event: Bruce arrives at Ra’s al Ghul’s house and tells Ducard why he is afraid: his parents were murdered when he was a boy.

The First Act . Batman Begins is a superhero movie, based on the fictional DC Comics character Batman. Christopher Nolan directed the movie, which stars Christian Bale as Batman, as well as Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes, Cillian Murphy and Morgan Freeman.

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