An analysis of the novel journey to the west by wu cheng en

There have been several English versions prior to this, but none before has been a translation of the entire text. Yu has succeeded wonderfully in translating accurately the poetry and prose of this difficult text into flowing, readable English.

An analysis of the novel journey to the west by wu cheng en

The rock gives birth to a stone egg, and the egg develops into the shape of a monkey. The monkey becomes alive and plays with other monkeys.

He is made their king. One day, troubled by the thought of death, he bids farewell to the monkey tribe and sets out on a journey to seek immortality. He becomes a pupil of the Patriarch Subodhi, from whom he learns seventy-two transformations and the cloud trapeze. When he shows off his newly learned magic of transformation by changing into a pine tree, this public display of magic enrages his master, who disowns him.

Monkey goes back to his cave, but now he does not have to travel over mountains and rivers. One leap carries him head over heels forleagues.

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He gets the magic iron staff from the Sea Treasury of the Dragon King. The weapon can shrink, at his will, to the size of an embroidery needle. Despite all of these powers, however, his allotted life span of years comes to an end. In a dream he is taken to the Land of Darkness.

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Furiously, he crosses out his name in the Registers of Death, together with whatever names of other monkeys he can find. Monkey is summoned to Heaven so that he can be constantly watched. At first he is happy to have an appointment from the emperor, but upon learning how humble his position as groom in the heavenly stables really is, he returns to his monkeys.

The Jade Emperor consents to appoint him to the rank he wishes. Then he crashes the Peach Banquet, to which he was not invited. By the joint effort of the gods he is caught and imprisoned in the crucible of Lao Tzu, where for forty-nine days he is burned with alchemical fire before he escapes.

It seems that nothing can stop him until the Buddha comes to help the heavenly powers. The Buddha wishes that some believer from sinful China would come to the Western Continent to fetch the True Scriptures.

Kuan-yin volunteers to help someone accomplish this. His father, a young scholar, was murdered while on his way to take up his duties as governor of Chiang-chou. The wife would have committed suicide were it not for her unborn child.

An analysis of the novel journey to the west by wu cheng en

Immediately after the boy is born, she ties him to a plank with a letter written in blood tucked to his breast and pushes the plank into the river.

He does not know of his parentage until he is eighteen years old; then he meets his mother and makes plans to avenge his father. The false governor is executed, on the spot where he committed his evil deed.

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Wu Cheng'en (traditional Chinese: 吳承恩; simplified Chinese: 吴承恩; pinyin: Wú Chéng'ēn, c. – or –), courtesy name Ruzhong (汝忠), was a Chinese novelist and poet of the Ming Dynasty, and is considered by many to be the author of Journey to the West, one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature.

MU Grade Distribution Application Thursday, November 22, Term. Journey to the West [Wu Cheng'en, W. J. F. Jenner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Journey to the West is a classic Chinese mythological novel. It was written during the Ming Dynasty based on traditional folktales. Consisting of chapters/5(97). Apr 22,  · Summary and Analysis of Monkey King: Journey to the West by Wu Ch'eng En. Updated on December 19, Rebekah Nydam.

more. (presumably by Wu Cheng’en in the 16th century 2), At the end of Monkey’s long journey to India and back, Monkey explains, “Now that the evil has been destroyed you will realize that Reviews: 2.

Journey to the West, or Monkey, was written by Wu Ch'eng-en during the Ming dynasty in China. It is loosely based on the historical journey of a monk named Hsuan Tsang, who went to India in the 7th century in search of Buddhist scrolls and scriptures.

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