An analysis of the rhetorical precis form

The son of Shimon Simon Yehiel Velikovsky — and Beila Grodensky, he learned several languages as a child and was sent away to study at the Medvednikov Gymnasium in Moscowwhere he performed well in Russian and mathematics. He graduated with a gold medal in Velikovsky then traveled in Europe and visited Palestine before briefly studying medicine at Montpellier in France and taking premedical courses at the University of Edinburgh.

An analysis of the rhetorical precis form

This is the quintessence of this trial in which Christopher Constantinou Panayiotou is principally charged with the murder of his spouse, the deceased, Jayde Lyn Panayiotou.

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To aid the narrative, I shall, in the course of this judgment, refer to the remaining accused as per the citation, the deceased interchangeably as Jayde or the deceased and the witnesses by surname. The accused are charged on multiple counts, to wit, conspiracy to commit murder in contravention of Section 18 2 a of the Riotous Assemblies Act, Act 17 of count 1 ; robbery with aggravating circumstances as envisaged in section 1 1 b of Act 51 of count 2 ; kidnapping count 3 ; murder count 4 ; unlawful possession of a firearm in contravention of Section 3 read with sections 1, 1 aand sectionand also read with schedule 4 of the Firearms Act, Act 60 ofand further read with section of the Criminal Procedure Act, Act 51 of count 5 ; unlawful possession of ammunition in contravention of Section 90 read with sections 1, 1 aand sectionand also read with schedule 4 of the Firearms Act, Act 60 ofand further read with section of the Criminal Procedure Act, Act 51 of count 6.

The gravamen of the charges in respect of each count is tabulated as follows: In amplification of his plea, accused no. All the evidence following his removal and thereafter is tainted as a result of the police assaulting, intimidating and unlawfully pressurising LS to implicate me.

Therefore the evidence obtained against me was unlawfully and unconstitutionally obtained by the State with the result that my right to a fair trial has been violated. He was and is a businessman and, she, during her lifetime, a junior teacher at Riebeek College Girls High School in Uitenhage.

Jayde and her colleague, Ms Cherise Taylor Swanepoel Ms Swanepoel were accustomed to travel together to Uitenhage each day by car, alternating between the usage of their respective motor vehicles weekly. Ms Swanepoel lived at […], Glen Hurd and each would be collected from their respective homes by the other.

This was the scheduled arrangement except that on 21 AprilMs Swanepoel had texted Jayde to enquire whether, by reason of the inclement weather, she should not drive into the complex and collect her from her home.

An analysis of the rhetorical precis form

The reply received was that she would walk to the gate. Sensing that something was amiss, she telephoned accused no.


His riposte was that she had gone to work. The upshot of the conversation was that accused no. It is furthermore common cause that accused no.

Fortuitously they encountered a police vehicle along the way and thus began the search for Jayde. A number of people including accused no.

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She however remained unaccounted for. Having widened the parameters of the search area the next day, a police tracking unit discovered her body later that morning on an open field close to a gravel road which dissects Wincanton Road on the outskirts of Uitenhage, The area was secured and a police forensic unit dispatched to the scene.

There is a 8mm circular penetrating lacerated wound with a 2mm collar of abrasion more prominent infero-laterally, over the left lateral head, 13cm from top of the head and 3,5cm from the tragus of the left ear.

There is a 1,5cmx2cm stellate penetrating laceration wound with everted wound edges over the right parieto-occipital region; 5cm from the top of the head.

There is a 7mm circular penetrating lacerated wound with a 2mm collar of abrasion over the left posterior chest, 14cm from the midline and 10cm below the shoulder line 5. There is a 1,5cmx7mm irregular penetrating lacerated wound over the left anterior chest, 5cm from midline 11cm below the shoulder line.

There is a 6mm circular penetrating wound with a wide 5mm crescent of abrasion laterally over the left posterior chest; 4cm from midline and 11cm from the shoulder line.

There is a 20mmx10mm gaping penetrating lacerated wound in the right mid-axillary line 2cm below the axilla.Written by Tim O'Neill. Tim O'Neill is an atheist blogger who specializes in reviews of books on ancient and medieval history as well as atheism and historiography.

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View, Download or Print Federal Poverty Level Chart PDF completely chart is easily accessible and can be incorporated personal uses. vol 6 pg 1. A Philosophy of Education Book 1. Introduction. These are anxious days for all who are engaged in education. We rejoiced in the fortitude, valour and devotion shown by our men in the War and recognize that these things are due to the Schools as well as to the fact that England still breeds "very valiant creatures.".

An analysis of the rhetorical precis form

SAFLII Note: Certain personal/private details of parties or witnesses have been redacted from this document in compliance with the law and SAFLII Policy.

Semiotics is the academic field dedicated to the study of signs. A sign (for example, the word "ship") may be recognized by the presence of its constituent parts, which in semiotic theories based on Saussure's, at least, are the signifier (the container, or the sign's perceptible form: the letters s-h-i-p) and the signified (the meaning or content; the notion conveyed by the signifier: 'a.

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