Business role model

Thankfully, our lives are full of amazing people at every turn, who touch our lives in big and small ways. Who we become as business leaders is colored by people from our past and present, in and out of the business arenas. To shine the spotlight on some little or well-known role models your life, I asked — Who has been your best business role model for leadership to date, and why?

Business role model

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Ajaero Tony Martins Do you have a role model? While I may not know your role models; I want to share mine with you. I have several role models covering every field of life I have interest in but I will be limiting this article to just my entrepreneurial role models.

I will be sharing in this article a list of entrepreneurs and business role models that inspire me the most. This list comprises of some successful entrepreneurs and drop out billionaires who are quite famous.

This entrepreneur has been my greatest source of inspiration; this entrepreneur is no other person than my beloved mother, Angela Ajaero. I personally broke the news of the tragedy to her while she was chatting with a close friend; but all my mom did was smile.

When I broke the news, I expected her to break down in tears so I prepared myself to comfort her but my mom surprised me; not a single tear dropped from her eyes.

Business role model

Most importantly, my mom diligently and courageously started building a business again from scratch; I really admire the courage she put up in the face of adversity. Today, whenever I am faced with a business challenge or trouble; I simply close my eyes and remember the countenance of my mom the day I broke the news of the fire incident to her.

My mom experience and reaction to situations made her my greatest role model and source of inspiration.

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Now are there other entrepreneurs who I draw inspiration from? My answer is yes. Whenever I am in pursuit of a goal; I become Larry Ellison because I admire his ambitious spirit and I aspire to build up such level of go getting spirit. I still think it is possible to beat Microsoft.

Nothing strikes my heart more than seeing someone influential and wealthy still bowing low. I have heard of the humility of Mike Adenuga but I made up my mind to be like him when I read in the papers that he once went on his knees and laid face down before someone he was far richer than.

Business role model

If you have a personal standard, stick to it no matter the criticism. His strong business sense and his determination to support the economy of Nigeria earned him my respect. I also admire his drive and I look forward to replicating his achievements by aggressively investing in my country.

I believe in hard work and one of my business success secrets is hard work. His competitive spirit and resilience inspires me to take on the giants unafraid. Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.

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The world is full with educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. So whenever I am on the verge of failure; I remember the lessons of Henry Ford and use it as an inspiration to stay afloat.

It is an opportunity to begin again more intelligently. They race for the cliff and leap into the ocean of financial uncertainty, hoping to swim to the other side. Paul Getty; the billionaire oil mogul.Role Models Dotting the I's: Why Intuit QuickBooks Is a Role Model for Serving Small Business Everyone looking to serve the small business market can study Intuit's three key principles for success.

Apr 29,  · Do You Have Role Models? You Should Who are your business role models? If you can't think of any immediately, make it your mission to come up with a list of some in the next 2 weeks. Mar 01,  · 5 Business Role Models for Office Rookies.

What is role model? definition and meaning -

Share; Tweet Reddit In the lengthy post on the Open Forum blog Stansberry lists a further five business role models. The WSJ Experts discuss the entrepreneurs who have inspired them or their own small businesses.

A role model may be someone who you know and interact with on a regular basis, or may be someone who you've never met, such as a celebrity. Common role models include well known actors, public figures such as police men or political officials, teachers or other educators, and .

Who Is Your Entrepreneurial Role Model? Aug. 20, a.m. ET Small-business owners often look up to other entrepreneurs who "made it" or those who have continued to run successful smaller.

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