Community service letter

Or maybe you need a community service letter to apply for a scholarship, job, or to a particular college?

Community service letter

All students in grade 9 - 12 are eligible to apply and can earn a letter. Questions may be directed to the BHS administration The two levels of awards: Reflection Paper - A page written reflection on the experience of the community service is required.

Digital Evidence - Photo of student doing service. Brief Statement - How volunteering impacted you or others.

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To be recognized in the Service Letter awards ceremony, all hours must be documented and submitted prior to March 23, How should community service hours be recorded? Use the online Google form to track service hours.

Students will be required to login using their school issued Gmail account. Reflection papers should be sent to dhaack bettendorf.

Send via Google Docs with view rights only. The purpose of the paper is to demonstrate understanding of the agency or issue of interest by answering the following questions: What did you expect to experience before you began volunteering and how did your expectations differ from your actual experiences?

How did you serve? Describe your thoughts and feelings at specific times as you served. Were there ethical issues that you encountered? Include photo of student doing service work. Complete the BHS Service Letter application and submit with a verified record of hours served, reflection paper, letters of recommendation optionaland digital evidence of student performing service when all requirement have been completed.

Community service letter

Where can I volunteer? There are many ways to volunteer in the community through school, churches, hospitals, non-profit agencies, nursing homes, parks, etc. How are hours spent volunteering on a mission trip, as a camp counselor or on a volunteer vacation counted?

Community service letter

Volunteers should only count hours actually spent doing service up to 12 hours per day for mission trips, camp counseling, or volunteer vacations. Can I count my planning and organizational hours from club meetings? Only hours spent doing actual community service at the event can be counted towards your Service Letter.

Can my hours of community service be carried over to the next school year? Hours earned after March 23, will carry over into the school year.

Travel time to and from service activities Hours spent sleeping during overnight service trips or events Unpaid internships with for-profit organizations Court mandated community service.Service Pin - hours of service earns the student the community service pin 2 0% of the required service hours to earn a letter must directly benefit Bettendorf Community School District (ie: 50 hours = 10 hours from BCSD).

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For questions about service or billing please contact us at or by email at [email protected] I’ve been asked on occasion by parents if their child can volunteer some hours in the non-profit organization I help out at.

I guess these kids need a certain number of hours where they help out the community through volunteering their time. I always appreciate the help but I don’t always have a task for [ ]. Browse our Community Service Officer Cover Letter Samples to learn to write the easiest cover letter yet.

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