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The sudden death, disappearance, or withdrawal of a key actor during the shooting of a big Hollywood movie is the kind of Industry debacle that drives producers into a panic, capsizes multi-million dollar productions, and sends studio flunkies scrambling for damage control with press and investors alike. Low-budget Hollywood directors working away from the glare of publicity are often able — and forced — to come up with cheap solutions to keep their productions going. Poe himself stepped into the lead role of the saxophone-playing serial killer, even though he looked nothing like Lurie. Underground filmmaker George Kuchar goes one step further when confronted with the loss of a key actor:

Contemplative essay life love mind

It will mean trying to rectify those injustices and to atone for them. If, that is, we want our comments about not judging and not marginalizing to have any real meaning in the real world. And this morning, I find that Michael Bayly has posted a link to this painful story from Grand Rapids, Minnesota, to his Facebook feed.

Maria Annoni reports that, after 21 years as a music minister at St. Joseph's Catholic church with a Ph. Prior to this time, she and Kathleen Nuccio had been welcomed and affirmed by many parish members.

When the parish was politicized at the edict of the state's bishops, things fell apart. Annoni felt services became politicized, with sermons that were scathing to the GLBT community. Nuccio said that the change in culture penetrated all corners of the church community, making attendance very difficult.

And then the pastor, Father Jerry Weiss, did the first performance review that Maria Annoni ever had in her 21 years at the parish. In the company of the parish administrator, he sat her down and informed her that she was a bully who never taught new music to the parish--though she maintains she had introduced a new song just the Sunday before the pastor made these charges.

To avoid the harassment and weekly Mass-time injection of poisons, Annoni has simply decided to retire. When asked what she thinks of Maria's decision to retire, Kathleen states, "I saw the calculated campaign to make her miserable and frustrated at her job, so I was relieved.

Steve and I have seen the shift at first-hand on our trips to visit his relatives in Minnesota, all strongly committed Catholics. The two stories that I've previously reported from his home diocese of Crookston, the firing of Trish Cameron by a Catholic school because she supports marriage equality, and the denial of the sacraments to a teen, Lennon Cihak, and his family because Cihak supports marriage equality, illustrate how the bishops' decision to turn their church into an anti-gay political machine has affected the real lives of real human beings in many Catholic parishes in the state.

The leaders of the church and those who support them in this initiative have been very busy in recent years talking about the sins of those who are gay and lesbian.

But perhaps the real sins that deserve attention in the church today are right in the bosom of the church itself, as it turns the lives of people like Maria Annoni, Trish Cameron, and Lennon Cihak and his family upside down, and assaults these folks' human dignity in gross ways.

I'm very interested in hearing answers to those questions. Posted by William D.Jesus has a very special love for you.

[But] as for me--The silence and the emptiness is so great--that I look and do not see,--Listen and do not hear. --MOTHER TERESA TO THE REV.

MICHAEL VAN DER. The brothers began work on their first 16mm production, a black-and-white noir action drama called Corruption of the Damned (). Mike starred, garbed in a . My title must seem like a contradiction. What can solitude have to do with leadership?

Solitude means being alone, and leadership necessitates the presence of others—the people you’re leading. The Day the Bronx Invaded Earth: The Life and Cinema of the Brothers Kuchar.

Contemplative essay life love mind

Jack Stevenson; November 11, Jesus has a very special love for you. [But] as for me--The silence and the emptiness is so great--that I look and do not see,--Listen and do not hear. --MOTHER TERESA TO THE REV.

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MICHAEL VAN DER. Library: Member Essays Mahamudra and Dzogchen, Two Systems of Buddhist Yoga. It is now in the present century, that for the first time, the West is finally beginning to learn something in depth about the ancient mystical teachings and .

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