Designer research miuccia prada

The Prada logo is seen outside its store in Hong Kong June 12, HK slumped almost 8 percent in its Hong Kong trading debut. Indeed, only MGM China

Designer research miuccia prada

This article is over 3 years old An impression of the new Prada foundation art gallery in Milan. The ambitious project is the vision of the Fondazione Prada, the art foundation set up by fashion designer Miuccia Prada and her husband Patrizio Bertelli in Other notable projects backed by the foundation, which operates independently from the commercial side of the Prada fashion brand, include works by Anish Kapoor, director and artist Sam Taylor-Wood, and Turner prize winner Steve McQueen.

At the heart of the compound will sit the Haunted House, an intimate space which will house site-specific installations conceived by international artists. Speaking about his complex design, Koolhaas said: Two conditions that are usually kept separate here confront each other in a state of permanent interaction — offering an ensemble of fragments that will not congeal into a single image, or allow any part to dominate the others.

It will ensure the foundation will keep on investigating, just on a bigger scale and with the help of various disciplines, what is useful and relevant for cultural discourse today.4 hours ago · Miuccia Prada 18 Mar “Mrs Prada is the most revered, most inspirational and probably the most copied designer of her generation,” Vogue editor .

Fashion designer Miuccia Prada’s rise to fame was built on black nylon in ; in weaving nylon, typically used for packaging at the time and not clothing, into the landmark luxury “Vela.

– Miuccia Prada Mrs.

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Prada —I always say that I like to do something so the front, what appears is attractive and easy. But after, depending on the culture or the sophistication of .

In her eyes, the designer was making a statement about the enduring human aspiration to beauty, inspired, in part, by the natural world around us.

Beauty, Prada style, is a sui generis proposition. Miuccia Prada is an Italian fashion designer and entrepreneur and has a net worth of $ billion. Miuccia Prada earned her net worth by taking over the family-owned luxury goods manufacturer in , which wa Miuccia Prada Italian pronunciation: is an Italian fashion designer and entrepreneur.

Prada, Miuccia () Prada. Overview. Miuccia Prada is the director of design for Fratelli Prada, the Milan, Italy, fashion design empire. She is the youngest granddaughter of Prada founder Mario Prada.

Designer research miuccia prada
Koolhaas and Herzog & de Meuron venture into fashion design for Prada -