Doj honors program application essay

The good news about required essays in job applications is that they are taken very seriously.

Doj honors program application essay

Government Honors Attorney First Job: Government Honors Attorney Assembled and edited by Ashley Akers, co-editor-in-chief The Government Honors Programs For law students interested in working for the federal government, applying to a Government Honors Program should be a top consideration.

Each year hundreds of lawyers are hired to represent the government in one of its many agencies. Being hired as an Honors Attorney is a reputable and well-respected endeavor.

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The Department of Justice Honors Program identifies as "the most prestigious federal-entry level attorney hiring program of its kind.

For those students interested in learning more about Government Honors Programs, The Lounge provides you with this overview of what it takes to become an Honors Attorney, as well as testimonials provided by former Honors Attorneys.

Length of Commitment Honors Programs typically require a one to three-year commitment after which some participants convert to permanent federal employees. Permanent employment is often dependent upon proven work ability, availability of funds, and agency need.

In some agencies, like the Department of Justice, Honors Attorneys become permanent employees after completion of the program and after passing the suitability and security clearance requirements. Bar Requirement Most programs require selected applicants to acquire bar membership in any state within months of appointment.

For example, the Securities and Exchange Commission hires applicants as law clerks and promotes the law clerks to attorney positions after passing the bar.

Of course, every program requires Honors Attorneys to be admitted to the bar before permanent employment is considered.

Doj honors program application essay

Location Honors Attorney positions are often located in Washington D. Many Honors Programs involve a geographical or interoffice rotation during the commitment. For example, during the Department of Homeland Security Program's two-year commitment, Honors Attorneys complete four six-month rotations between its divisions.

Necessary Qualifications Requirements vary among the Honors Attorney Programs but most programs consider the following when reviewing applications: For example, the Central Intelligence Agency requires a minimum 3. On the other hand, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission will substitute unusual compensating qualifications for its GPA requirement.

Most Honors Programs take into account whether an applicant participated in law review or law journal, moot court or clinical activities. Some programs also consider the extracurricular activities the applicant participated in or the law school courses the applicant has taken.

Every Honors Program requires applicants to demonstrate excellent oral, written and analytical skills. Some programs also require specialized knowledge or interest in its particular field. Many programs consider whether an applicant has completed a judicial clerkship or fellowship.

Although Honors Program eligibility is limited to recent law school graduates, applicants that have prior work experience are highly valued and in some cases, prior work experience is necessary. The Postal Service Program, for example, requires applicants to have completed a federal clerkship or state supreme court clerkship prior to appointment.

Interviews Many Honors Programs conduct interviews on a rolling basis so applying early allows students to have the best chance at landing an interview. Applications are generally due between September and October of the year before the appointment would begin.

Most interviews take place in October through December. Some agencies, like the Federal Deposit Insurance Company, will pay for traveling costs associated with interviewing, but many do not.


The Department of Justice provides applicants some costs associated with interview travel, but reimbursements for lodging or other expenses are made on a case-by-case basis. More Information Eligibility for Honors Attorney positions is limited to new law school graduates, judicial law clerks and law students coming from a select number of fellowship programs.Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and After being taken down twice by Blogger within a single week, we got the message: It’s Time To Go.

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sort by . Jul 18,  · The Washington Attorney General honors program application is due on Wednesday, August 15, the DOJ Honors and Summer Law Intern applications are due on Tuesday, September 4, the Air Force JAG application is due on Friday, August 10, Shaffer and BOAF Fellowship applications are both due on Tuesday, September 18, the Equal Justice Works.

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