Female fanticide consequences

These scholars [9] claim that both the sex ratio at birth and the population sex ratio are remarkably constant in human populations.

Female fanticide consequences

It is a social evil because in the patriarchal social structure of India gives a secondary position to women. It is a social belief that the family generation runs through the male and therefore the birth of a male child in the family is very important to carry forward the further generation.


The social differentiation between the girl and boy child has given a rise to the rate of social sex determination. This practice is unlawful and it demands strict punishments in form of fine or jail to the person who requests for the abortion of the unborn girl child and as well as the doctor who gets the sex determined.

The sex ratio is defined as the number of females per men. It is from ancient times, women in Indian society are considered as a curse for their family and society. This is the reason behind female foeticide and it has been in practice for many years in India.

Technological advancement is also responsible for this act. In order to control the population, the female foeticide must be stopped. Some complicated cases in pregnancy can also demand the surgical termination of pregnancy at any point in time. It is a legal termination or abortion the doctors suggest for discontinuation of pregnancy for the sake of the health of the mother carrying the unborn child.

In India, many societies face this problem of skewed male-female sex ratio which is unhealthy for any society. A female foeticide is an act of murder.

The god is the author of life and nobody is having a right to take it. There is some female who support for female foeticide aborted through surgery which is the very shameful act and must be condemned. This is a matter of shame for the couples who request for it and for the doctors who perform the inhumane and unlawful act of aborting the girl child for the sake of money.

We must take a social and moral responsibility to stop the practice of female foeticide and also spread awareness to others to stop it completely. A female has a full right to take birth as she will be a daughter today and a wife and a future mother in the time to come.

Female Infanticide in India and China

I love helping people and providing free education.Female infanticide is the deliberate killing of newborn female children. In countries with a history of female infanticide, the modern practice of sex-selective abortion is often discussed as a closely related issue.

Female infanticide is a major cause of concern in several nations such as China, India and Pakistan.

Female fanticide consequences

Consequences of female foeticide in India Female foeticide has a serious impact on the society, in the overall growth and development of the country.

Let us discuss below the effects of female. ESSAY ON FEMALE FOETICIDE. The act of female Foeticide is an illegal practice of killing a foetus which is found as female. It is a social evil because in the patriarchal social structure of India gives a secondary position to women.

May 28,  · The issues of female infanticide, female feticide, and selective sex abortion have gained global attention, and many international and national lawmaking bodies Reviews: Female infanticide is leading to imbalance of sex ratio.

There are more males then females. This is going to give females more power and dowry system will end.

Female infanticide and female foetcide along with rape killing, dowry death, etc. have started showing their consequences in the form of skewed sex ratio, which has its own aftermaths: 1.

Kidnapping of women for marriage has come up as an alternate to get a bride.

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