Gas agency system

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Gas agency system

NET to automate the management procedures in gas depots. The main aim of the project is to provide an effective working platform to computerize the whole billing system and inventory maintenance system. After the implementation of this project, customers can order the gas through online and phone calls.

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The complete source code, project report, presentation file and other necessary documents of the project can be accessed from the download link below. The proposed project on gas agency management system is an effort to solve the various problems in gas transaction in liquefied gas agencies.

The implementation of the project establishes a systematic and reliable distributing service along with a well maintained stock management. Using this system, one can order gas through internet and have the facility of home delivery.

This project has been designed in such a way that it suits all type of gas agencies: It assists the gas depots in recording the name, address and other information of regular customers in any type of gas depot.

In the existing manual system, all the documents are prepared manually by writing in books which takes a longer time and is not so reliable. To overcome these drawbacks, a computerized management system is required. The proposed Gas Agency application a six-modules project: Each module has certain specific functions and all the modules are interlinked to each other.

Gas Agency Management System Project Synopsis - Free Student Projects

The key features of Gas Agency Management Project are: All the data and information in the system are password protected. Only the authorized user can access the documents stored in the database. The software is so simple to operate and manage. No extra skill is needed to operate the proposed application.

As the proposed system is a computerized application, it works with high speed and accuracy.

Gas agency system

The implementation of project increases the efficiency and flexibility of gas depots. All the bills and records are stored in the certain standard format and they can be printed at any time.GAS AGENCY MANAGEMENT. SYNOPSIS The project entitled “Gas Agency” is done to make the manual process easier by making it a computerized system for billing and maintaining stock/5(10).

Gas Agency System Project Modules Codes and Scripts Downloads Free. Open Media Support is currently a landing page for support requests regarding other Open Media Project modules. ModsCentral provides a central hub system for Modules based upon the .

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The United Kingdom's National Transmission System (NTS) is the network of gas pipelines that supply gas to about forty power stations and large industrial users from natural gas terminals situated on the coast and to gas distribution companies that supply commercial and domestic users.

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