General banking report on dhaka bank ltd

The second and one of the most widely used methods of bank finance in export trade is the purchase of an export bill at the post shipment stage. Here the bank extends financial accommodation to the concerned exporter by allowing him to enjoy F.

General banking report on dhaka bank ltd

The account should be properly introduced by Any one of the following: An existing account holder of the Bank. Authorized specimen signature must be properly signed by each signatory along with necessary instructions.

General banking report on dhaka bank ltd

Initial Deposit should preferably be as per minimum requirement of DBL. Each authorized signatory should fill-in the customer information details form separately. On obtaining all documentation and formalities of the applicant, cheque books are to be issued upon request of the applicant.

Special instruction if any should be given in appropriate place. In case of company account, the special instruction is to be provided as per the Article of Association and the Memorandum of Association of the Company. Transaction Profile of the account must be duly filled in and signed by the authorized signatories of the account to be opened.

Nominee declaration form must be duly filled in and signed accordingly for all nominees as specified in the account opening form for accounts opened other than company account. CIF should be duly filled in and signed by the nominee for all nominees specified in the account opening form.

In Case Of Foreign Currency Account Account opening form application, nomination, declaration duly filled in and signed Photocopy of passport of its first 4 pages.

Photocopy of work permit for RFCD account.

General banking report on dhaka bank ltd

Any letter about service or its photocopy from the employer. Citizenship certificate if available for NFCD account.

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Certificate of approval from relevant authority. Two passport size photograph of the nominee duly attested by the account holder. One passport size photograph of the applicant s duly attested be the introducer. Attested photocopy of valid trade license to be obtained for Proprietorship accounts.

Copy of notarized partnership deed certified be all the partners of registered partnership deed registered with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms — duly certified by the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms.

Partnership resolution signed by all the partners to open account with Dhaka Bank Limited indicating the type of account and mode of operation. Only in case of Public Limited Company. Certified list of Board of Directors if any.

Issuance Of Cheque Book Issuance Of Fresh Cheque Book An account holder can get a fresh cheque book only against requisition on the prescribed requisition slip attached with the cheque book issued earlier, after proper verification of the signature of the account holder.

A new cheque book should be delivered to the account holder or his duly authorized representative. When Cheque Book Is Lost Duplicate checkbook is issued only when an account holder applies to the bank with a letter of indemnity in the prescribed pro-forma agreeing to indemnify the bank for the lost checkbook.

Fresh check book is then issued after verification of the signature of the account holder from the specimen signature card and on realization of required excise duty only with prior approval of manager of the branch.

Cheque series number of the new checkbook is recorded in the register. Series number of lost checkbook should be recorded in the stop payment register and caution should be exercised to guard against fraudulent payment. Online Money Transfer Because of online banking the customers of Dhaka Bank Limited can easily transfer their money from one branch to another.

No hassle is there. Any one can deposit money from any branch of the bank to any account. Similarly, an account holder can withdraw money from any branch. But in case of money transfer from out side Dhaka division that is from one territory to other online charge is taken from the customer.

But hence some security and privacy is maintained. No other person than the account holder is given the account balance. Closing Of Account The closing of an account may happen- If the customer is desirous to close the account If DBL finds that the account is inoperative for a long duration.

Management Of Cash Cash is the very vital sector for any bank. The proper management of this department entails overall effectiveness of any bank.

This is to certify that the internship report on “ General Banking of Dhaka Bank Limited” prepared by A.H.M. Faisal Bari, a student of MBA program, ID Department of Business Administration, BracUniversity under my supervision and guidance. Janata bank limited General banking activities Foreign Exchange corporate branch Shahidul Internship Report On An Analysis of General Banking Activities of Janata Bank Limited: A Study on Foreign Exchange Corporate Branch, Dhaka Submitted to Prof. Sayed Abul Kalam Azad Professor Department of Marketing University of Dhaka Submitted by Md. Compliance of Private Bank Credit Risk Management (CRM) Policy With Bangladesh Bank Best Practices Guideline. A Case Study Of Dhaka Bank Limited (DBL).

This department is responsible for the following functions: Receipt of deposit Making payment to the customer Management of vault of the branch The above mention functions are described briefly below: Receipt Of Deposit This department receives deposit or funds from the customer, and the collection procedure as follows:The topic of my report is “ Analyzing and Forecasting the Financial Statements of DBL ”.

The report has been p repared under direct supervision of, Begum Khaleda Khanam, Professor, Department of Accounting & Information Systems, University of Dhaka and Md.

Avijit Roy, Manager, Dhaka Bank Ltd. The report is a combination of three-month internship program with DHAKA BANK Ltd. As a matter of fact, in Bangladesh, now-a-days more than 50 commercial and specialized banks are conducting their operations, but they differ from one another in many ways regarding their services.

The report focuses on the general banking practices in general, how it is implemented in Dhaka Bank Limited. 4. Limitation of the study The present study was not out of limitations. The topic of this report is “General Banking Activities of one Bank Limited and Its Impact on Economic Development of Bangladesh”.A Case Study on ONE Bank Limited.

The main objective of doing this report is to have a practical. “General banking Activities of Southeast Bank Ltd (A Study on Motijheel Branch)”.

SEBL is a leading private commercial Bank which starts it operation on under Companies Act, on. Dhaka Bank has truly cherished and brought into focus the heritage and history of Dhaka and Bangladesh from Mughal outpost to modern metropolis. Most of its presentation, publications, brand initiatives, delivery channels, calendars and financial manifestations bear Bank.

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