Noragric master thesis format

However, in the long-term perspective, such systems are also subject to change. Alternative socio-technical systems emerge, promoted by various actors due to the shortcomings of the dominating solutions and promising features of new technologies, and some of them might grow strong enough to play an important role in society.

Noragric master thesis format

Nationality Norwegian, married, 4 children. Agricultural university of Norway Cand.

noragric master thesis format

Agricultural university of Norway. Emphasis on diagnosis and survey of quarantine viruses and research on poinsettia viruses and phytoplasma.

Main achievements 2 2 Virus control through nuclear stock programs The process of making disease free planting material of vegetatively propagated crops is often described as nuclear stock programs and comprises several steps candidate, pre-basic, basic, certified.

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Nuclear stock programs involve several partners, and are an efficient control measure when they are good organized and optimized according to up-to-date knowledge of epidemiology and diagnosis.

I have led the scientific part and also been the project leader of such programs for several crops. Cryopreservation Recently I have initiated and led a project on the use of cryopreservation and cryotherapy in Norway.

Poinsettia research Poinsettia Euphorbia pulcherrima is an important ornamental crop and most often infected by a virus and a phytoplasma. I initiated research in this field in Bioforsk and have led or been a part of several projects regarding poinsettia, virus and phytoplasma.

This has led up to the transformation to make poinsettia resistant to Poinsettia mosaic virus Clarke et al. Diagnosis of viruses, viroids and phytoplasma I have been involved in diagnosis for almost thirty years and have a long experience in recognizing diseases and doing diagnosis.

Survey for quarantine diseases and risk assessments I have been in charge of the scientific part of several survey programs for quarantine viruses, viroids and phytoplasma. Retorikk, 2 days Writing chronicles, 2 days Training for leaders in Bioforsk.

Three gatherings for two days. Teams, culture, mental models, how to develop as a leader, the test Big 5,: Formering av planter ved vevskultur, NLH Nordic graduate course in Plant Pathology: Bio Elektronmikroskopi for biologer, Universitetet i Oslo Virusidentifikasjon og produksjon av friskt plantemateriale.

Blystad D-R Virus diseases on lettuce Lactuca sativa l.“The North-South co-operation that developed between the University of Ruhuna and the Bodø GraduateSchool of Business, University of Nordland. Espen Gaarder Haug (born ) is a Norwegian author, quantitative trader specializing in options and other derivatives.

He is best known for his book The Complete Guide to Option Pricing Formulas, and is a regular columnist for Wilmott. Includes abstracts of the theses and which library holds the thesis. Some theses are freely available online.

Maintained by ABES - Agence bibliographique de l'enseignement supérieur. (Trygve Berg, Associate Professor, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Noragric, Norway) Thank you for this (Nesa Subrahmaniyan, Bloomberg Newsroom, Singapore) I thoroughly enjoyed reading the text. I think the analysis is too pessimistic.

SUSTAINABLE FOREST. CASE STUDIES MANAGEMENT Edited by Jorge Martín-García and Julio Javier Diez SUSTAINABLE FOREST MANAGEMENT – CASE STUDIES. Full text of "ERIC ED Norway: A Study of the Educational System of Norway and a Guide to the Academic Placement of Students in Educational Institutions in the United benjaminpohle.comy Report.

PIER World Education Series." See other formats.

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