Putting elderly parents in nursing homes essay

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Putting elderly parents in nursing homes essay

Are my parents still safe in their home? Do they need assistance with average, daily activities?

Putting elderly parents in nursing homes essay

Are certain household tasks becoming too difficult for them? Is home ownership becoming too much for them? Unfortunately, these are decisions that we all must face as we age, and often times these decisions are left to family members of an aging senior citizen.


This is when the conversation about nursing homes usually comes up. Full-Time Care As family members age, it becomes increasingly difficult to care for them ourselves. Busy schedules and a lack of medical training can potentially lead to declining health in our senior family members when we are not fully able to care for them.

When living in a nursing home, your loved ones are offered round-the-clock, full-time care by qualified healthcare professionals and talented doctors.

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Should something go wrong in the middle of the night, there are typically nurses on staff that are available to come and help in an instant. This can provide a sense of reassurance to both you and your family members that your loved ones are being cared for properly at all hours of the day.

Expensive One of the biggest downfalls of a nursing home is the high cost of living. But if an elderly parent is living in a home with their children, who might also have children of their own and busy work, school and social schedules, it can be difficult for the senior family member to get themselves on a regular schedule.

As we age, it becomes increasingly important to stay on a schedule, so one of the major benefits of living in a nursing home is this structured, scheduled life. Meals are offered only at certain times, social activities are scheduled for certain times, and there is always help regulating the schedule.

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This can be great for the health and well being of your aging family member. While a regimented schedule can be a benefit to their overall health, your parents may miss being able to do what they want when they want to do it.

Many nursing homes offer scheduled activities where participation is encouraged, but not necessary, giving your parent their own right to choose what they would like to do. So while there is some regimented scheduling, you can rest assured that your family member will still be given the freedom to take a day off from scheduled activities if they choose, giving them at least some sense of the freedom they once had.

Active Social Life It sometimes becomes all too easy for a senior living with their children to settle into an inactive lifestyle. At a nursing home, there are always social activities on the schedule, encouraging the participation and socialization of all residents.

This gives seniors the chance to meet other residents within their same age range, keep up a more active lifestyle and become a member of the community. And the best part is that all activities are conducted under the supervision of the qualified healthcare professionals at the nursing home, meaning your parents or grandparents are able to enjoy all the benefits that a social life has to offer while still being given the best care available to them at all times.

These are the stories of nursing home neglect, abuse or other mistreatment of the people that we love so dearly. Do your research before sending your parent or grandparent to the facility, and stay active in the care of your family member to ensure they are being cared for properly.

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Should you ever have a negative experience with a nursing home, or you need to file a nursing home neglect or abuse case, remember that the Law Office of D.

Hardison Wood have highly qualified North Carolina nursing home neglect attorneys available to help you protect your family members.20 Inspirational Caregiver Quotes.

August 20, By Emma Dickison. It is an honor to care for aging parents.

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In the summers and on holidays my family would drive to Kentucky from our home in Florida to help care for my Nan. Then, when I was a senior in college, my mother suffered her third stroke, and six months later my dad was diagnosed.

A s the median age of Americans continues its upward spiral, more and more seniors will find themselves faced with entering a nursing home at some point in their lives. This is a major life event and if the new resident and their family are not prepared for this possibility, it can be a major life trauma as well.

We hope you will find the Aging Parents and Common Sense Practical Guideand Directory of Resourcesuseful and will share them with those in need. AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company (AXA Equitable), New York, NY, is an issuer of life insurance and.

Putting elderly parents in nursing homes essay

For the elderly and seniors who prefer to remain in their own homes, home care becomes a critical option. There are different types of home care assistance available which cover a range of services from medication management, nursing care to basic assistance with daily living.

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Another million elderly reside in nurs-ing homes and receive assistance from Medicaid (Lyons, Rowland, and Hanson, skilled nursing facility and home health services. The supplementary medical in-surance (Part B) component of Medicare most notably nursing home care for the disabled elderly (Feder and Lambrew, ).

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