Solving the problem of the debt of the united states

Senior debt is secured by a business for a set interest rate and time period. The company provides regular principal and interest payments to lenders based on a preset schedule.

Solving the problem of the debt of the united states

The only 2 options the U. The 2 options would be massive tax increases, or drastic spending cuts.

What is 'Senior Debt'

I will now make a prediction based on the negative debt and public admission of a fiscal crisis… Take note, the U. There is no turning back now and what we will see is that things will start deteriorating very quickly now. Watch the news, keep an eye out for new developments.

We are now moving very rapidly to a cashless society.

Solving the problem of the debt of the united states

What you should be doing with your dollars is buying non-perishable foods, and anything that will sustain you and your family throughout this global transition. This economic impending disaster is one that Americans do not understand and will overtake the mass majority like a thief in the night.

Your typical American will not fully realize what has actually happened until they go to the bank to cash their check and find it closed with military guarding the front door.

The day is coming soon when the U. Treasury will declare a force majeure on debt. Make preparations for it now. Should America along with Israeli forces launch a war against Iran — the costs of such a war will overwhelm an already crippled economy and push the U.

I believe this is all pre-planned and orchestrated. I predict within 2 years time Americans will be begging for food and the bare necessities just to survive.

Contingency plans by our military and FEMA are already in place for riots, and possible insurrection. The greatest depression ever is currently underway and about to get worse.

Solving the problem of the debt of the united states

This is going to be global in scope. The blackmarket will rule, so stock up now on things like lighters, whiskey, cigarettes, canned protein, oats, rice, batteries, first aid kits, medicine, toilet paper, etc.

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Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.Which of the following helps explain the difficulty in solving the long-term debt problem in the United States? The rise of extreme partisanship in recent years has made compromise in .

More than 4 million attended the largest one-day protest in the history of the United States — with hundreds of thousands more around the globe. Overspending and mismanagement by both political parties has led to $18 trillion in federal debt today with over $ trillion of future unfunded liabilities coming at the nation like a freight train.

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