Spring syllabus

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Spring syllabus

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The syllabus is just a draft, and so comments are welcome. Most countries in the world have been independent for about 50 years. Some are peaceful and have prospered, while some remain poor, war-torn, or both.

What explains why some countries have succeeded while others remain poor, violent, and unequal? Finally, we see poverty and violence despite 50 years of outside intervention.

Spring syllabus

If not why not, and what should we do about it as citizens? There are good explanations for violence and disorder. The idea is to talk about the political, economic, and natural logics that lead to function and dysfunction, order and disorder.

Spring syllabus

A lot of students will graduate and go and do peace-building or development work of some kind. What I can do is help you to understand some of the big ideas about why some paths lead to order, and some to violence.

Or why the best plans so often goes awry—ideas that surprisingly few development practitioners ever acquire.

Course Summary:

To understand the politics of weak states in the last 50 years, we are going to start with some theory and history.

We need a theory of violence, and theories of how states, institutions, and societies develop to curb violence. And we want to look at the development of Western nations, and their impacts on the world, over a wide sweep of history. Moreover, I designed this course to give students an appreciation for big ideas and theories in comparative politics, international relations, political economy, sociology, geography, and development economics.

This class involves reading a lot of material, and building your conceptual and historical sense of development and politics. This is a global class, but a slightly unbalanced one.


A lot of the examples are going to draw on Africa and Latin America, with a good deal on historical European and U. There is no single answer. But there are some principles to finding the right answer in the right situation, and history to learn from. Each year I strive to add more.

So I welcome criticism but I like suggested solutions even more.Spring Course Syllabus Course Description: General concepts and applied methods of computer security, especially as they relate to confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets.

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