The invention and business organization forms

It can help to highlight the key points relating to the patent application. While creating a patent application template, few important aspects must be included in it. These are essential features for applying for a patent. Field of the Invention The template should enable the applicat to describe in a few statements the nature of the invention.

The invention and business organization forms

Spotlight Biography: Founding Fathers Prepare and attach a complete written disclosure of your invention, including any sketches, diagrams, drawing prints, figures, etc. Please note that written disclosure must be sufficiently detailed that it can used to reproduce the invention.

Three areas of invention Inventions are of three kinds: Scientific-technological inventions include railroads, aviationvaccinationhybridization, antibioticsastronautics, holographythe atomic bomb, computing, the Internetand the smartphone. Sociopolitical inventions comprise new laws, institutions, and procedures that change modes of social behavior and establish new forms of human interaction and organization.

Humanistic inventions encompass culture in its entirety and are as transformative and important as any in the sciences, although people tend to take them for granted. In the domain of linguistics, for example, many alphabets have been inventions, as are all neologisms Shakespeare invented about 1, words.

Literary inventions include the epic, tragedycomedy, the novelthe sonnetthe Renaissanceneoclassicism, RomanticismSymbolismAestheticism, Socialist RealismSurrealismpostmodernismand according to Freud psychoanalysis. Among the inventions of artists and musicians are oil painting, printmaking, photographycinemamusical tonality, atonality, jazzrock, operaand the symphony orchestra.

Philosophers have invented logic several timesdialecticsidealism, materialism, utopiaanarchismsemioticsphenomenologybehaviorismpositivismpragmatismand deconstruction. Some of these disciplines, genres, and trends may seem to have existed eternally or to have emerged spontaneously of their own accord, but most of them have had inventors.

Volta is recognized as one of the most influential inventors of all time. Brainstorming also can spark new ideas for an invention.

Collaborative creative processes are frequently used by engineers, designers, architects and scientists.

What is Intellectual Property?

Co-inventors are frequently named on patents. In addition, many inventors keep records of their working process - notebooksphotos, etc. The invention may become simpler, more practical, it may expand, or it may even morph into something totally different. Working on one invention can lead to others too.

Inventions may also become more useful after time passes and other changes occur. For example, the parachute became more useful once powered flight was a reality. Edison was one of the most prolific inventors in history, holding 1, U.

The invention and business organization forms

Invention is often a creative process. An open and curious mind allows an inventor to see beyond what is known. Seeing a new possibility, connection or relationship can spark an invention. Inventive thinking frequently involves combining concepts or elements from different realms that would not normally be put together.

Sometimes inventors disregard the boundaries between distinctly separate territories or fields. Play Play may lead to invention.

Childhood curiosity, experimentation, and imagination can develop one's play instinct. Inventors feel the need to play with things that interest them, and to explore, and this internal drive brings about novel creations. Rowling the creator of Harry Potter [13] and Frank Hornby the inventor of Meccano [14] first had their ideas while on train journeys.

In contrast, the successful aerospace engineer Max Munk advocated "aimful thinking". Inventors often envision a new idea, seeing it in their mind's eye. New ideas can arise when the conscious mind turns away from the subject or problem when the inventor's focus is on something else, or while relaxing or sleeping.

A novel idea may come in a flash—a Eureka! For example, after years of working to figure out the general theory of relativity, the solution came to Einstein suddenly in a dream "like a giant die making an indelible impress, a huge map of the universe outlined itself in one clear vision".

Insight Insight can also be a vital element of invention.And the story of business in the last years is the story of the corporate form. There are some who treat corporate forms as yet another technology (in this case a technology of people-management), but despite the trappings of scientific foundations (usually in psychology) and engineering synthesis (we speak of organizational “design.

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Mar 01,  · The Invention of Peace: Reflections on War and International Order [Michael Howard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Throughout history the overwhelming majority of human societies have taken war for granted and made it the basis for their legal and social structures.

Not until the Enlightenment in the eighteenth century did war come to be regarded as an .

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